NTA Trading Plan
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    1. I understand and accept that my trading results are a direct result of the behaviors I choose to adopt both on individual trades and with the systems I plan to use for all positions I trade. Therefore, my trading results are my responsibility.
    2. My primary aim is to manage risk in all aspects of my trading. I understand that if I perform this well then it provides me with a greater chance of meeting my trading purpose and goals.
    3. Adhere to all aspects of trading execution plan including pre-planning entry and exit systems.
    4. I aim to maintain an account margin level of at least x%.
    5. I will position size with a tolerable risk level on any single trade of no more than x% of my account balance prior to entering any trade.
    6. I will have no more than x positions open at any time and no more than two trades with identical currencies within the pairing.
    7. I will journal trades including the entry and exit strategies planned, the P/L outcome and how well or otherwise I adhered to my trading plan.
    8. I accept that issues related to Forex trading actions such as slippage and changes in spread are a part of Forex trading and although may impact the P/L of an individual trade, are unlikely to change my long-term trading results significantly compared to other actions I adopt that are part of effective risk management. 
    9. I know that the ONLY purpose of entry is to attempt to increase the likelihood of a trade going in the desired direction, and that having effective position-sizing and exit systems are as, if not more likely, to impact on my ongoing trading outcomes.
    10. I will forward test any new strategy before trading live and have specified entry and exit methods outlined in a specific strategy outline as part of my plan.
    11. My first task of any trading session is to check economic data releases that may impact on any open or potential position entries and have within my plan guidance on trade management.
    12. If I am not able to watch the market, I will always have a stop placed on the platform.
    13. I recognize that there may be circumstances when I am not in the best decision-making state to trade. In such circumstances I will not enter any new positions and have stop and profit levels placed on the system for any trades that are open.
    14. I recognize the value of having other systems in place that supplement my trading plan including a trading contingency plan, a position accumulating plan, a journaling and review system, and a trading learning and development plan.




    Everyone has a unique trading style and risk tolerance. It is recommended to develop your own personalized trading plan that follows the trading plan template highlighted in this trading guide.

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