NTA Trading Plan
    About Lesson


    • I never trade when I am tired, upset, or rushed.
    • I set up analysis and signals just before I go to bed.
    • When an alert sounds, I check the market and place my trades based on entry signals.
    • I never anticipate what the market will do.
    • I always trade with a stop loss.
    • I check the market when I get out of bed.
    • I always trade in the direction of the trend on the 4-hour chart.
    • I enter the market on the time frame that is easiest to read.
    • I always use price action confirmations to enter and exit a trade.
    • I always make my own decisions to enter/exit a trade.
    • I always start a trade with one lot.
    • I only add to a trade when there are confluences.
    • I never trade with more than 3% of my trading account.
    • I record my trades in my trading journal.
    • I accept losses and move on to the next trade. (Losing is part of trading)
    • I take responsibility for my successes and failures in the market. (I do not blame others)
    • I practice trade daily.
    • I want what the market is willing to give. (No greed or fear)
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