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Amid the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, a unique chapter unfolded in my life. Having dedicated years to serving in the Marine Corps, I set a three-year objective to accomplish my degree in Cybersecurity. During this period, my mission extended beyond academics – it involved seamlessly transitioning my military expertise into the civilian domain. The goal was to secure a job that would financially fuel my aspirations of venturing into real estate, creating a stream of passive income, and steering the reins of my life in my own hands. I was laid off from my conventional job, leaving me in a state of uncertainty and financial strain, I quickly paid off my liability which was my car at the time that I could have used if all failed to have come up.  It was a challenging moment, but little did I know that this setback would lead to the discovery of a new and exciting path.

Determined to turn the tide in my favor, I delved into the realm of day trading. Armed with a curious mind and a willingness to learn, later embarked on a journey of financial exploration from the comfort of my apartment at the time. The stock market, once an enigma, became the canvas on which Rome would paint his financial future.

The initial days were filled with research, different telegram groups, buying signals, tutorials, and absorbing every piece of information about day trading from the internet and Forex gurus. I learned about charts, candlesticks, market indicators, and the intricacies of financial instruments from different courses and overseas help from a friend I met on Instagram who resides in Africa. The more I learned, the more the once-complex world of trading started to make sense.

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There were days of triumph when trade went exactly as planned, bringing in profits that felt like hard-earned victories. Conversely, there were days of challenge, where losses taught invaluable lessons about risk management and resilience. I became adept at riding the waves of uncertainty and navigating the ever-changing landscape of the market. Psychologically being assessed, the relationship failed, and nights left alone to get the work done.

Loneliness became a companion, but music and YouTube became the balm for my solitude. The melodies and narratives provided a virtual social life during those silent nights. The glow of the screen illuminated not just the room but also the path I had forged for myself.

As the sun rose on a new day, I realized that the night’s struggles had sculpted me into a person of strength and wisdom. The journey from financial turmoil to stability was a testament to my perseverance. The lessons learned, the sacrifices made, and the lonely nights were not forgotten but celebrated as integral chapters of my story of the years.Top of Form

The newfound skill gave me a glimpse of financial stability when I started seeing consistency and my trading account compounded. But also, a sense of empowerment. I no longer felt at the mercy of external economic forces that were in control of my financial destiny. The laid-off worker had transformed into a confident entrepreneur, and day trader, finding success in a field I had never imagined entering.

As the world slowly recovered from the pandemic, I reflected on this unexpected journey. Became grateful, but never satisfied I went back to co-operate with a mission to boost my real estate dreams to allow diversity and passive income in my life. What started as a response to adversity had become a life-altering experience. Day trading was not just a means of making money; it was a skill, a craft, and a journey of self-discovery I dreamnt of sharing to my close friends and possibly the world.

Romario Johnson

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Below are answered the most common questions.

If you dedicate between 1 to 2 hours a day and follow all the indications that are in the program, you should get your first results in 3 months

This works for anyone, no matter your age, country, gender, or economic situation, because it is a method that is validated with numbers, and all you have to do is make the same decisions as I did to get similar results and that is exactly what I teach in the program.

With only $100 USD you can start, either with your own account or by buying a funding account as explained in the video, and be able to access 25k – 50k – 100k capitals.

1 hour or even less is enough if you already know the strategy if you are just starting 2 hours would be enough.
You don’t need to know anything about the financial markets to make money in it, however, I will teach you everything you need to understand what you are doing.

This is normal, most methods focus on things that do not generate profitability, with #NTA we keep it simple, we focus on very few things, but on the right things that work and that allow us to make money every day in the market.

Absolutely nothing happens, with #NTA you can dedicate only 1 hour to trade the markets and the rest of the day do whatever you have or prefer to do.

You can learn the strategy and be profitable with it and then trade with a real account in the name of a family member of legal age
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